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Arial view of Duluth harbor and lift bridge

Will Duluth become a climate refuge city?

February 20, 2019

Our Climate Futures conference, March 19 & 20, to address climate change scenarios and adaptation strategies.
After tree harvest image shows mostly bare ground with some tall trees standing

Harvest guidelines leave land managers stumped

January 29, 2019

Understanding what's best for wildlife after tree harvesting is not straightforward. NRRI scientists are unraveling the research.
A woman stands behind counter; containers hold cylindrical black items in foreground

Grad student gets geology variety at NRRI

January 29, 2019

A passion for rocks leads woman to UMD and NRRI to become a multi-faceted geologist.
Shovel head filled with taconite pellets held by a man.

NRRI pays tribute to Tom Rukavina

January 8, 2019

NRRI celebrates the legislative legacy of Tom Rukavina.
Man in white lab coat holds small tube next to larger tube filled with material.

NRRI student researcher heads to D.C.

January 3, 2019

NRRI gives graduate student research opportunities that lead to Knauss Fellowship in Washington, D.C.
Flames burning a hillside forest

NRRI lab moves solid biofuel toward commercialization

December 4, 2018

Forest management strategies in the Northwest results in excess biomass. NRRI is helping to turn it into a valuable fuel source.
Man sits at desk with computer screen in background.

Seeing rocks beneath the surface

December 3, 2018

NRRI developed a tool to help MnDOT understand potential for sulfide-bearing rocks where road building is planned.
Image of annual report cover

NRRI FY18 Annual Report Highlights

November 27, 2018

NRRI's Annual Report Highlights for July 2017 - June 2018 is now available to view online.
A man in red hoodie jacket and green cap works a handheld device by nest box hung on tree.

Bog hopping for birds

October 29, 2018

Researchers tromped through the soft mounds of green in the boreal forest to hang bird houses to learn more about an elusive species.
A man in hard hat walks behind a large machine with a trough of brown bubbling liquid

Mining and Water Innovation Update

October 24, 2018

What did NRRI do with $2.6 million in state funding? Started Minnesota on an exciting trajectory.


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