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Up close image of face of red bat held in a gloved hand

Research leads to new information about bats and insects

September 2, 2020

NRRI's five-year bat study leads to master's candidate unexpected new knowledge about bat guts and insects using eDNA.
Trees changing colors for fall

NRRI Recent Funding Awards

September 2, 2020

NRRI funding awarded between January 1 and August 28, 2020
Wood bridge extends across a small river.

NRRI, USFS collaborate to show efficiencies in timber bridges

September 1, 2020

Research shows bridge builders that building with wood can save time and money while sequestering carbon.
Man leaning on one knee with backdrop of scenic mountains

Meet the Researcher: Jeff Kinkel

September 1, 2020

Eighteen months ago, Jeff Kinkel took on a challenging role at NRRI that makes him grateful for the team approach.
Two men stand in front of a business sign outdoors

Patent moves business toward green, low-cost sulfate treatment

August 3, 2020

NRRI and industry partner receive patent on a first step invention that can lead to sulfate remediation in water systems. 
Man in blue lab coat in lab setting holds four clear packets containing wood chips

Minnesota a leader in biochar research and demonstration

July 30, 2020

Biochar is gaining interest around the globe. NRRI is working to understand its potential for environmental remediation and as a new market... more
Woman wearing face mask at large mechanical assemblage in lab

Meet the Researcher: Cally Hunt

July 30, 2020

Pandemic doesn’t slow down new NRRIer in new product development
Selfie photo of a man, background is brick fireplace

Meet the Researcher: Brian Barry

July 2, 2020

Meet the Researcher: Brian Barry enjoys transforming biomass into high value products.
Close up image of grey rock to show layered stripping

NRRI identifies valuable aggregate resources in taconite pit

July 2, 2020

NRRI paves the way for 'waste rock' to become high value aggregate resource for local roads.
A brown furry with tail sits on a wooden box attached to a tree.

What's in your woods? MN Mammals site makes search easier

July 2, 2020

Picking up interesting critters on your trail camera? Want to know who's in your woods? MN Mammals website can help.


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