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Minnesotans want good jobs, a healthy environment and a stable economy. NRRI research works to achieve all three. One way? We help growing businesses with technical expertise to expand their markets.

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NRRI researchers focus on the future!

NRRI Celebrates 35th Anniversary

Shovel head filled with taconite pellets held by a man.
January 8, 2019

NRRI celebrates the legislative legacy of Tom Rukavina.

Man in white lab coat holds small tube next to larger tube filled with material.
January 3, 2019

NRRI gives graduate student research opportunities that lead to Knauss Fellowship in Washington, D.C.

Flames burning a hillside forest
December 4, 2018

Forest management strategies in the Northwest results in excess biomass. NRRI is helping to turn it into a valuable fuel source.