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NRRI Employment Opportunities

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NRRI Undergrad Research Assistant
Job ID: 335695
40 hrs/wk summer months; 4-10 hrs/wk fall 2020 semester
Location of this position: Duluth, MN

About the Job:

This position is held within the Water Resources research group and predominantly focuses on installing and maintaining stream survey equipment throughout Duluth, Minnesota and along Lake Superior’s North Shore. Approximately two-thirds of this job will focus on installing and maintaining equipment for an extensive citizen science stream survey project (, as well as measuring cross-sectional profiles of streams and ground-truthing equipment. One-third of the job will focus on assisting the Central Analytical Laboratory at NRRI (state-certified water quality lab), and will involve a mix of field and laboratory work, sampling and analyzing water quality of local streams and lakes. This position will also provide the opportunity for data synthesis and analysis of submitted citizen science data, as time allows and based on the interest of the applicant. If interested, the supervisor will assist the applicant in pursuing future independent research or UROP (Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program) on citizen science data in Fall 2020.

How to Apply: This position is open to current University of Minnesota Duluth students only. Applications must be submitted online. To apply for this position, go to and search for job opening 335695. 

NRRI Grant Contracts Professional 3 Generalist
Job ID: 335164
Full-time, Continuing Civil Service Position
Location of this position: Duluth, MN

All required qualifications must be documented on application materials.
Required Qualifications:

Bachelor’s degree and four years of professional experience or a combination of related education and work experience to equal eight years.
Experience working with sponsored projects, and in developing grant applications especially with Federal and State Grant Sponsors.
Experience performing administrative, budgetary, or grant-related duties.
Experience in technology and software as related to the needs of the position (e.g., Word, Excel, Adobe, Google suite, PowerPoint, Access or other database software, etc.)
Demonstrated written and verbal communication skills with high proficiency in spelling, grammar, tone, and syntax.

For more information and to apply for this position, go to and search for job opening 335164. This position will remain open until filled.

NRRI Researcher 3: Environmental Chemistry

Job ID: 335318
Full-time, Civil Service
Location of this position: Duluth, MN

About the Job:
The Researcher will work in the Water Research Group at NRRI and contribute to projects related to water treatment, water quality assessment, and limnology. They will assist in developing SOPs for routine laboratory experiments and for aqueous sample preparation. They will conduct quantitative chemical analyses of aqueous samples from the environment or from laboratory experiments (including laboratory bioreactors, column experiments, and batch experiments). They will carry out materials characterization techniques including surface area analysis and solid state ispectroscopy on materials used for water treatment. They will operate and maintain complex laboratory equipment (including HPLC and LC/MS) and produce summary data reports. They will independently schedule, plan and perform complex, multi-step analyses and keep detailed records of analytical procedures and results. The Researcher will be responsible for analysis and interpretation of data as well as plotting and reporting of results. They will also train and manage student and seasonal staff in standard laboratory operating procedures and assist students in setting up and maintaining experiments.

How to Apply:

Applications must be submitted online. To apply for this position, go to and search for job opening 335318.