About NRRI

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NRRI's Integrated Portfolio:

We deliver solutions for Minnesota's natural resource-based economy.

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Seeking Solutions

Minnesota's economy has long depended on its natural resources -- rocks, water and wood. Those resources are also the foundation of our environment. NRRI's unique, multi-disciplinary expertise seeks practical solutions where economic growth meets environmental protection.

Finding Balance

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NRRI begins with the understanding that our environment generates the economy, not the other way around. A healthy environment with robust resources drives a strong economy to support a vibrant community which can then reinvest in the environment. Reinvestment drives resiliency.

Sparking Collaboration

We don't do this alone. NRRI funds and collaborates closely with UMD's Center for Economic Development, housed in downtown Duluth. The result is a business focus that underlies all we do.  NRRI also has an impressive list of project partners and funders.