Valerie Brady

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Professional title

Research Associate


Valerie's specialty is aquatic invertebrate ecology with a particular interest in using the invertebrate community for assessment and monitoring of aquatic ecosystems. She has twenty years of experience in understanding Great Lakes coastal wetland condition, including research on zebra mussels, and ten years of experience working in Minnesota and Wisconsin streams.

Current research interests include: the use of aquatic invertebrates as indicators for monitoring and assessment of stream and wetland ecosystems; investigating major determinants of invertebrate community structure in streams and wetlands; investigating the use of aquatic invertebrates as diagnostic indicators of particular causes of ecosystem impairment in streams and wetlands; investigating impacts of aquatic invasive species on food webs and ecosystems; recovery of natural invertebrate community structure and function in restored and created wetlands; using stable isotopes as aids in the above investigations; and public policy issues related to stream and wetland health, protection and water quality. 

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