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Research Platforms

NRRI Platforms deliver integrated solutions

NRRI’s strategic research platforms define our unique capabilities and programs. Our platforms are integrated collections of programs, staff and resources that enable NRRI to engage partners and stakeholders to develop innovative research solutions for Minnesota and beyond.

These platforms address Minnesota’s soil, forest, water and mineral resources:

  1. Applied Ecology and Resource Management Seeking to understand the world we live in and how to minimize our impacts
  2. Minerals and Metallurgy | Defining our mineral resources; demonstrating competitive and responsible use of mineral resources
  3. Materials and Bioeconomy | Developing new ideas to utilize our forest resources and organic waste streams
  4. Data Collection and Delivery Making complex data accessible and understandable to inform decision-makers
  5. Commercialization Services | Providing expertise coupled with technical core competencies to drive Innovation

For inquiries or technical information about our research contact our Platforms Technical Coordinator Patrick Schoff via email at