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Natural Products Extractives and Derivatives

Materials and Bioeconomy

Close-up of glass vials with chemical description and powder inside

The Natural Products laboratory specializes in identification purification, analysis, and derivatization of bioactive compounds found in plants. These products serve in high-value specialty chemicals, materials, coatings, antioxidants, nutrients, fragrances, and pharmaceuticals markets.

Current Projects

We are developing processes to extract natural chemicals from the following:

  • birch bark
  • cranberry
  • distillers’ grains
  • derivatives of lignin
  • birch tar
  • hemicellulose

This program is also characterizing the carbohydrates in secondary (waste stream) biomass resources. The Natural Products group works with entrepreneurs and small businesses to develop and scale up chemical processes aimed at commercial development.

For more information contact: Eric Singsaas, Initiative Director,, (218) 788-2648