Two men in wetland with measuring tool

Program Contacts: Kurt Johnson,, (218) 788-2608 and Euan Reavie,, 218-788-2692

NRRI scientists are working on projects that help to prioritize management and restoration activities on one hand, as well as addressing questions such as what, where, and how to restore a particular ecosystem.  With these large restoration programs come the need to help prioritize activities to optimize the expenditure of funds. For example, a computer-based decision support system is helping the MPCA identify areas where water quality or wildlife habitat could be enhanced by restoring drained wetlands. Another set of studies is helping to identify cold water streams that are likely to sustain brook trout under future climate; these studies are being used to guide the locations where habitat restorations will be conducted. 

Current Projects

  • Peatlands
  • St. Louis River Area of Concern delisting (G. Host model)
  • St. Louis River Area of Concern - Paleo/Algae Historical Water Quality (E. Reavie)
  • LCCMR Stream Temperature (L. Johnson)
  • Wetland Prioritization