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Treatment Technologies


A man and a woman kneeling over and looking into a drainage system.

Program Contacts: Chanlan Chun,, (218) 788-2613 and Igor Kolomitsyn,, (218) 788-2794

This program is focused on developing new materials and treatment technology to mitigate the problems associated with the industrial and municipal wastewater and to manage stormwater and watershed drainage with ultimate goals of improving water quality and enhancing important economic activities.

Current Projects

  • Material development targeting contaminants removal
  • Remediation technology of the water impacted by mining activities
  • Highway stormwater treatment using local salvage materials

Project collaborations include a wide variety of NRRI, University of Minnesota and industry personnel, including geologists, engineers, chemists, biologists, foresters, ecologists, hydrogeologists and hydrologists. The goal is to develop cost-effective materials and novel technologies to protect and restore water resources.