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Peat Resources


People standing in a bog listening to one person.

Program Contact:  Kurt Johnson,, (218) 788-2668.

The peat program focuses on assisting horticultural peat companies with environmental review and permitting for new operations and researches innovative methods for wetland restoration and mitigation banking.

A Rich Minnesota Resource

Peat is a prized resource ecologically and economically. Minnesota has some seven million acres of valuable peatlands with about two thousand acres currently harvested and sold for horticultural purposes. Strict regulations by state and federal agencies are in place to protect peat resources, and NRRI researchers help peat companies work within regulations to harvest this product for market.

Current Projects

  • Premier Horticulture Wright Bog Environmental Review and Permitting
  • Comparing Properties of Water Absorbing/Filtering Media for Bioslope/Bioswale Design
  • Fens Wetland Bank