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Education & Engagement


A dozen people on a dock in the water, some sitting, some standing

Program Contact: Lucinda Johnson,, (218) 788-2651

Conserving the critical benefits of healthy lakes, streams, wetlands, and groundwater for society and to the natural world is a grand challenge for us all.  NRRI scientists have a long history of teaming with other University of Minnesota groups, natural resource agencies, educational institutions, and community and non-governmental organizations for optimal information sharing.

Important outcomes include:

  • Translating relevant water resource science into actions that inform communities about important water issues
  • Improving the public's understanding of how water bodies “work” and respond to natural and human-caused stress
  • Fostering public stewardship and engagement of their water resources 

In fact, many of the tools described in the other NRRI Initiative categories were designed to address the critical need to improve the environmental literacy and decision-making of citizens.  Storytelling and “place-based” education increasingly are guiding principles.  

Highlights of this program include:

  • – Community stormwater issues
  • – Stories and the Science of the St. Louis River estuary and its restorationParticipation and sometimes leadership in a broad array of public stakeholder committees, providing technical water science, education, and outreach service and consultation to governments and agencies, tribe, businesses, non-governmental environmental, community, and industry organizations. 
  • Providing education and professional training to students, teachers, public and private sector water professionals, contractors and land developers, municipal officials, and the public.