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Materials Characterization

Minerals and Metallurgy

Silver vertical machine with lid open on top

High volume air sampling equipment

The Minerals, Metallurgy & Mining Initiative is a leader in the University of Minnesota system in characterization of airborne mineral species. We have a unique Andersen Hi-Vol trichotomous high volume air sampler and a 10-stage MOUDI low volume air sampler (dust sampling equipment). We also have access to instrumentation capable of physical and mineralogical evaluation of micron-sized mineral particulate matter.

Primary Research Topics Include:

  • Characterization of individual aerosol dust particles
  • Characterization of possibly toxic minerals
  • Dust created by torrefied wood
  • Identification of minerals on a micron-scale

Current Projects

  • Minnesota Taconite Workers Health Study
  • Duluth Complex Amphibole-Phyllosilicate Study
  • MOUDI-II: Design, Evaluation, and Application to Long-Term Ambient Sampling (Marple, et al., 2014) Aerosol Science and Technology pub.
  • Gravimetric analysis of particulate matter (PM) - Coleraine Biofuels Plant
  • NRRI Torrefied versus untreated wood PM - gravimetric analysis