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Impacts on Wildlife From Emerald Ash Borer

Forest & Land

Determine Impacts on Wildlife From Emerald Ash Borer Infection of Black Ash Forests

Research Team

Research Focus

  1. Provide baseline information to assess existing conditions and establish a long‐term monitoring program for wildlife communities in black ash forests to support future monitoring efforts as EAB spreads;
  2. Evaluate the effects of mitigation and adaptation strategies on wildlife communities under simulated invasion scenarios to quantify long‐term impacts on species diversity; and
  3. Identify vulnerable wildlife species and develop recommendations and strategies to maintain biodiversity.

Current Research Activities

Winter 2017: Experimental black ash stands are being monitored with Digital Audio Recorders (DARs) and camera traps for winter wildlife activity. 

Four Trail camera images of Gray Jay, American Marten, white-tailed deer and Short-tailed weasel
Photographs captured by camera traps in experimental emerald ash borer plots, October 2016. A.) gray jay, B.) American marten, C.) white-tailed deer, D.) short-tailed weasel.


This research project is funded by Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources through June 30, 2019.