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Forest and Land

Forest and Lands Research Group NRRI

The goal of this strategic initiative is to deliver research solutions for forests and other terrestrial ecosystems that provide for a sustainable, resource-based economy and a healthy environment.

Expertise and capabilities include:

  • Sampling multiple taxa -- vegetation, birds, mammals, numerous others -- and integrate this information to quantify ecosystem health.
  • Long-term datasets associated with forest birds and wildlife useful for quantifying forest health.
  • Spatial analysis capabilities, including LiDAR and other remotely sensed data relevant to forestry.
  • Processing of large datasets, including development of data visualization utilities for researchers and agencies.
  • World-renowned genetic stock of hybrid poplar adapted to northern climates and knowledge of field testing design and interpretation.
  • Large, long-term installed base of red pine thinning and productivity study sites and aspen productivity and thinning tests in cooperation with industrial and public land managers.
  • Knowledge of forest resource analysis, harvesting equipment and economics of wood procurement to help clients assess opportunities for expansion in forest products and biomass energy sectors.
  • Hosting numbers of interpretive websites that translate data into information critical for decision-making and management. 

Initiative Director: John DuPlissis,, (218) 788-2719

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