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Birds and Wildlife Ecology

Forest and Land

Common tern research

Program Contact: Alexis Grinde,, (218) 788-2694

The Birds and Wildlife Ecology Research Lab is an active field research program that has been on-going at NRRI for over 20 years. Our program is dedicated to gathering critical data on both common and rare bird and amphibian species as well as endangered, threatened, or species of conservation concern in Minnesota and throughout the western Great Lakes region. Data collected are used as input to the predictive modeling of wildlife populations, and they also provide essential data to government, conservation and environmental groups, and private industry to better understand and manage these species. Ultimately, we strive for data to improve and assist in informed environmental decisions that also allow for the sustained development and use of the state's natural resources.

Research projects are managed by senior scientists with multiple years of experience, while day-to-day performance are completed by an array of Ph.D. and M.S. scientists as well as technical, post-doctoral, graduate, and undergraduate students. Results are distributed to the scientific community and general public through presentations, peer-reviewed papers, technical publications, popular media, and participation in various committees.

Current Projects

For an overview of current projects please see the lab website