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Business & Entrepreneurial Support

A part being made in the Fused Deposition Modeling prototype machine

The NRRI Rapid Prototype Center provides design and prototype services to businesses, industry, entrepreneurs and university researchers. Our clients include 3Dimensional Resins, 3D Systems, 3M, Advantage Prototype Systems, Agile Manufacturing, Cirrus Design, Digitec, Donaldson Company, General Pattern, Marvin Windows, Queens University, Reptron Manufacturing Services, University of Minnesota, and Vista Technologies. Note: This is only a partial list of clients due to confidentiality agreements.

The NRRI Prototype Center accepts MasterCard and Visa for faster payment processing.

More information about our Services and Facilities.

Lab Manager: Kory Jenkins,, (218) 788-2761

Machine Shop/Development Lab: Craig Maly,, (218) 788-2627