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Six Sigma/Lean Manufacturing

Business Development

Lean manufacturing at Epicurean

With the extensive analytical expertise of NRRI resources, Natural Resources Research Institute is ready to help your business adopt Lean/Six Sigma methodology into your manufacturing and/or service processes with the goal of improving weaknesses and building on your strengths. Lean Six Sigma is widely recognized as a continuous improvement strategy for all industries to improve competitiveness, resulting in:

  • significant productivity increases
  • cost reductions
  • lead time improvements
  • process waste elimination
  • engagement of all employees

In the Lean/Six Sigma program, NRRI investigates the voice of your customers, capturing customer related information, and understanding their needs and desires. NRRI also carefully studies your processes, by collecting data, and taking appropriate measurements, analysis of data, and eventually using the information gleaned from data to propose improvement solutions. In the whole Lean/Six Sigma process, NRRI aims at improving the bottom line by finding and eliminating the causes of mistakes and defects in processes, and promoting work standardization. NRRI is also capable of providing lean training to all your employees which will make employees support organization goals more, strengthen the culture, and gaining a more collaborative work environment. Employees then will be able to understand the current customer satisfaction levels better, and will allow them to get to the root cause of problems in the process and enable them to provide novel solutions for continuous improvement.

To date, NRRI has provided lean training to over 200 companies and facilitated company specific continuous improvement projects with 17 companies resulting in productivity improvements of 50-75% and lead time reductions of 50 - 90%. The financial impact of these projects is estimated at over $750,000.

If you'd like your business work better and better satisfy your customers, contact: Shima Hosseinpour, NRRI’s Lean Six Sigma program lead,, (218) 788-2626 or Heidi Zierden,