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2019 (6)

2018 (32)

Technical Reports

2019 (9)

  • Donahue, P., & Aro, M. (2019). Progress Report: Using thermal modification technology to add value to small-diameter logs from underutilized species. NRRI/TR-2019/18.
  • Dumke, J., Wellard Kelly, H., Brady, V., & Kovalenko, K. (2019). Large lakes fish gut-content analysis. NRRI/RI-2019/27.
  • Hagen, T., Young, M., Mack, P., Grochowski, J., Kangas, K.W., & Fosnacht, D. (2019). Test sample production report - Torrefaction of ponderosa pine chips. NRRI Technical Summary Report NRRI/TSR-2019/13.
  • Host, G.E. (2019). Potential native plant communities of Minnesota’s Eastern Broadleaf Forest. NRRI Technical Report NRRI/TR-2019/01.
  • Liljenquist, A., Bracey, A., & Grinde, A. (2019). Avian surveys for the St. Louis River Natural Areas Project: Submitted to Minnesota Land Trust. NRRI Technical Summary Report NRRI/TSR-2019/09.
  • Ruzycki, E., Henneck, J., Bartsch, W., & Axler, R. (2019). Assessing acid-sensitive lakes in the Superior National Forest. NRRI Technical Report NRRI/TR-2019/26.
  • Walton, N., Kolbe, S., & Grinde, A. (2019). Bayfield County Forest Breeding Bird Survey Modeling Report. NRRI Technical Summary Report NRRI/TSR-2019/06.
  • Young, M., & Hagen, T. (2019). NRRI evaluation of starch-based binders for agglomerating red oak. NRRI Technical Summary Report NRRI/TSR-2019/05.
  • Young, M., Hagen, T., & Mack, P. (2019). Torrefaction of ponderosa pine pellets. NRRI Technical Summary Report NRRI/TSR-2019/21.

2018 (29)

  • Aro, M., & Donahue, P. (2018). Progress Report: Using Thermal Modification Technology to Add Value to Small-Diameter Logs from Underutilized Species. NRRI Technical Report NRRI/TR-2018/07.
  • Aro, M.D., Monson Geerts, S., French, S., & Cai, M. (2018). Differences in particulate matter (dust) betwen non-modified and light-modified (170°C) wood species. NRRI Technical Report NRRI/TR-2018/46.
  • Dumke, J., & Nixon, K. (2018). St. Louis County Aquatic Invasive Species Introduction Risk Assessment. NRRI Technical Report NRRI/TR-2018/05.
  • Dumke, J., & Wellard-Kelly, H. (2018). Results of pre-treatment habitat and biota surveys from the Knife River, MN watershed. NRRI Technical Report NRRI/TR-2018/06.
  • Fosnacht, D.R. (ed.) (2018). Demonstration of use of torrefied biomass in electric power generation - Final Report. NRRI Technical Report NRRI/TR-2018/08.
  • Fosnacht, D.R., Hagen, T., Young, M., Carden, K., & Kiesel, R. (2018). Use of improved densification conditions for producing high fuel content products from biomass processed by torrefaction, hydrothermal carbonization, and various densification methodologies. NRRI Technical Report NRRI/TR-2018/09.
  • Grinde, A.R., Walton, N.G., Bednar, J.D., Liljenquist, A.L., & Kolbe, S.R. (2018). Minnesota National Forest Breeding Bird Monitoring Program Annual Report, 1995–2018. NRRI Technical Report NRRI/TR-2018/47.
  • Host, G., & Reschke, G. (2018). Baseline Surveys and Geospatial Modeling of Aquatic Invasive Species at Public Water Access Sites in St. Louis County. NRRI Technical Report NRRI/TR-2018/02.
  • Host, G., Kovalenko, K., & Meysembourg, P. (2018). Assessing forest land conversion risk to maintain water quality in North Central Minnesota. NRRI Technical Report NRRI/TR-2018/16.
  • Houck, B., & Moen, R. (2018). Use of single-capture hair snares to detect carnivores in Minnesota. NRRI Technical Report NRRI/TR-2018/43.
  • Houck, B., & Moen, R. (2018). Use of tube hair snares to detect weasels in Minnesota. NRRI Technical Report NRRI/TR-2018/45.
  • Johnson, K. (2018). Wright Bog Antidegradation Review. NRRI Report of Investigation NRRI/RI-2018/20.
  • Joyce, M., & Moen, R. (2018). Accuracy of a modular GPS/GLONASS receiver. NRRI Technical Report NRRI/TR-2018/28.
  • Krause, V. (2018). Materials Harvested During Deconstruction - Value, Grade, and Use. NRRI Technical Report NRRI/TSR-2018/19.
  • Mlinar, M.A., Johnson, R.C., Petersen, T.S., & Spigarelli, B.P. (2018). Pilot-Scale Demonstration of Increasing Iron Recovery from Minnesota Oxidized Iron Resources. NRRI Technical Report NRRI/TR-2018/35.
  • Moen, R., & Houck, B. (2018). Monitoring carnivore populations in northeast Minnesota with camera traps. NRRI Technical Report NRRI/TR-2018/44.
  • Moen, R., & Swingen, M. (2018). Historical northern long-eared bat occurrence in Minnesota based on acoustic surveys. NRRI Technical Report NRRI/TR-2018/40.
  • Moen, R., & Swingen, M. (2018). Acoustic bat research at Lake Vermilion - Soudan Underground Mine State Park in 2018. NRRI Technical Report NRRI/TR-2018/48.
  • Moen, R., Swingen, M., Walker, M., Baker, R., Nordquist, G., Catton, T., Kirschbaum, K., Dirks, B., & Dietz, N. (2018). Bat acoustic surveys in Minnesota 2015-2017. NRRI Technical Report NRRI/TR-2018/39.
  • Peterson, D.M. (2018). MnDOT Potentially Acid Generating (PAG) Rock Implementation Project: Report on the Digital Map. NRRI Technical Report NRRI/TR-2018/14.
  • Reavie, E.D., Alexson, E.E., Axler, R.P., Yemets, S.V., et al. (2018). Paleolimnological data from the St. Louis River Estuary (vol. 885879). PANGAEA.
  • Reavie, E.D., Brown, T.N., & Cai, M. (2018). Historical watershed stressors for the Laurentian Great Lakes, links to resources and data. PANGAEA.
  • Swingen, M., Moen, R., Walker, M., Baker, R., Nordquist, G., Catton, T., Kirschbaum, K., Dirks, B., & Dietz, N. (2018). Northern long-eared bat roost tree characteristics 2015-2017. NRRI Technical Report NRRI/TR-2018/41.
  • Swingen, M., Moen, R., Walker, M., Baker, R., Nordquist, G., Catton, T., Kirschbaum, K., Dirks, B., & Dietz, N. (2018). Bat radiotelemetry in forested areas of Minnesota 2015-2017. NRRI Technical Report NRRI/TR-2018/42.
  • Swingen, M., Walker, M., & Moen, R. (2018). Bat Accoustic Surveys in Minnesota 2015-2017. NRRI Technical Report NRRI/TR-2018/39.