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Phytoplankton/Paleolimnology Lab


The microscope lab is equipped with a variety of upright and inverted microscopes (2X Olympus BH-2, Leica CME, Olympus BX51, 4X Olympus CKX41) and stereomicroscopes, and provides digital imaging capabilities for identification purposes and estimating sample biomass.

Laboratory equipment includes a freeze-dryer, fume hoods, drying and muffle furnace, centrifuges, an ultrapure water system and an upright microscope. A cold room provides sediment core storage.

Key Services and Equipment

Field sampling capabilities for paleolimnology include:

  • A fleet of open water sampling vessels (motorized water craft and canoes).
  • Multiple coring devices for sampling sediments from deep and shallow waters, including wetlands, bogs and peatlands.
  • A variety of water sampling and benthic coring devices for non-wadeable water bodies, as well as stream and shallow water sampling gear.
  • Instrumentation units, including Hydrolab Sondes, YSI 556 multi-probes, and YSI 85s and 50s for monitoring water chemistry parameters.