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Men and woman in stacked boxes participating in an online meeting

NRRI marks the pandemic year

April 12, 2021

Reflecting on the pandemic pivot of the past year, NRRI staff talk about stronger connections, missed interactions and a well-planned pivot.
Woman in lab coat with mask kneels next to three buckets with fine materials

NRRI helps industry reduce costs, enhance value of waste material

April 7, 2021

Industry partner gets NRRI assistance to add value and improve byproduct for more efficient use.
A man stands in an open outdoor setting holding a cylindrical object with outstretched hands.

Meet the Researcher: Chris Filstrup

March 22, 2021

Large numbers of tiny things can be a big problem. Applied Limnologist Chris Filstrup digs into the data of harmful algae blooms.
Two young women flank a man outside in a mountainous area.

Advisory Board Spotlight: Mike Mlinar

March 22, 2021

Serving 10 years on NRRI's Advisory Board has given this former industry executive a front row seat to the institute's restructuring and... more
Students sit on floor looking at drill core samples in boxes.

NRRI geologists save important drill core for future study

March 22, 2021

Drill core are rock samples pulled from the ground to study mineral deposits. NRRI's quick action saved important core from the dump.
CASE award certificate for NRRI Now Newsletter

NRRI newsletter wins CASE District V Award

March 1, 2021

NRRI Now recognized by academic communicators with silver 'Pride of CASE' award.
A man in hard hat and safety vest stands at a table with black material in a round platter

NRRI receives $2.1M to research Minnesota’s iron of the future

March 1, 2021

U.S. Department of Energy awards NRRI $2.1M to research Minnesota’s iron products for expanded steelmaking markets.
Man sits in front of open cabinet taking notes on a clipboard.

Wall-mounted vanities get put to the test at NRRI

March 1, 2021

Manufacturing association turns to NRRI to test trending wall-mounted cabinets.
Head and shoulders image of a woman with large tree behind her.

Meet the Researcher - Katya Kovalenko

February 25, 2021

Scientists love their data. But tracking and sorting the ever-increasing amounts of data can be a time consuming effort. Enter the data... more
A woman sits at a home office desk with two screens holding large dog in lap.

Advisory Board Spotlight - Andrea Schokker

February 25, 2021

Q & A with Andrea Schokker, UMD Head of Civil Engineering & Professor


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