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Standard board and thermally modified board side by side

Program Contact:  Matt Aro,, (218) 788-2700

Thermal modification of wood is a chemical-free treatment for increasing wood durability, enhancing resistance to rot and decay, and improving dimensional stability. This emerging, chemical-free technology has the potential to create and expand forest products markets, particularly for traditionally underutilized and low-value species. Thermally-modified wood produces sustainable value-added wood products with extended service life and reduced environmental impacts.

NRRI has invested in installation of a Thermal Modification Pilot Plant, one of the few pilot-scale thermal modification kilns of its kind in North America. Several projects have been completed or are underway; summaries of selected projects are described below. We have also completed several product development projects with our industrial collaborators.

Using Thermal Modification Technology to Add Value to Small-Diameter Logs from Underutilized Species

A project in partnership with the U.S. Forest Service Forest Products Laboratory and Michigan Technological University. More information can be found here: PDF iconThermal Modification for Underutilized Species

The latest progress report can be found here:
PDF iconNRRI Technical Report NRRI/TR-2018/07

Development of a Strategic Marketing Plan for Thermally Modified Timber

This is a collaboration with the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus to evaluate consumer perceptions and generate strategies for marketing of thermally modified wood. It was funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Marketing Service.

Download the final summary report for this project:
PDF iconProfessional Consumer Perceptions of Thermally-Modified Wood

Marketing strategy recommendations can be found here: 
PDF iconMarketing Strategy Recommendations for the U.S. Thermally Modified Wood Industry

View professional consumer perceptions of thermally modified wood here:
PDF iconProfessional Consumer Perceptions of Thermally-Modified Wood

Thermally Modified Engineered Wood Materials

This National Science Foundation Partnerships for Innovation project focused on thermal modification technology to improve dimensional stability and resistance to biodegradation and weathering to a variety of engineered wood materials. PDF iconDownload the final summary report

Publications from this project:

  • "Mechanical and Physical Properties of Thermally-Modified Plywood and Oriented Strand Board Panels," Forest Products Journal, v.64, 2014.
  • "Tensile strength of thermally modified laminated strand lumber and laminated veneer lumber," Wood Material Science & Engineering, 2016.
  • "Durability of Thermally Modified Engineered Wood Products," Proceedings of the International Research Group on Wood Protection, 47th Annual Meeting.
  • "Destructive and Nondestructive Evaluation of Thermally Modified Laminated Strand Lumber and Laminated Veneer Lumber," Proceedings of the Forest Products Society, 69th International Convention.