Machine Shop-Development Lab

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As technology grows increasingly complex, it becomes ever challenging to find assistance with design and fabrication of affordable research equipment and prototypes. The NRRI Machine Shop fills that gap by providing basic services in design and fabrication of research equipment, prototypes and product or process development and improvement.

Lab Manager Steve Johnson is an IBM Certified, Journeyman Tool and Model Maker with more than 35 years of experience in both industry and academia. We are a "fee for service" shop, and would be happy to assist if given the opportunity. We pride ourselves in knowing our limits and have a great working relationship with our business partners in the Great Lakes Region. We are also a Charter Member of the Arrowhead Manufacturers and Fabricators Association.

Key Services and Equipment


  • Design assistance for products including material consultation
  • Auto Cad Mechanical and Inventor Solid Modeling Capabilities
  • Confidential Prototype Design and Fabrication Capabilities
  • Complete Machine Shop Services
  • Complete Weld Shop Services
  • Free Estimates


  • 3-Axis CNC Bridgeport Mill with 5 Axis Capabilities
  • Hardinge Tool Room Lathe
  • Summit Drop Bed Engine Lathe w/Digital Readout, 10" Swing 6' Bed
  • 4' x 4' Lab Grade Granite Surface Plate
  • TIG Welder, 250 Amp AC/DC Square Wave Hobart
  • Mig Welder, Miller-Matic 252 Aluminum Wire Feed
  • Manual 4 Ton Arbor Press
  • 50 Ton Hydraulic H-Frame Press
  • 40 Ton Hydraulic Platten Press
  • Complete Array of Inspection Equipment, Associated Tooling and Hand Tools
  • Sand Blaster
  • 2200 Deg. F Thermolyne Heat Treat Oven