NRRI Recent Funding Awards

Trees changing colors for fall
September 2, 2020

NRRI funding awarded between January 1 and August 28, 2020

  • Eric Singsaas received funding from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville for construction-grade thermoplastics.
  • Igor Kolomitsyn received industry funding for chemical modification of peat granules surface for wastewater treatment.
  • Euan Reavie received funding from the University of Wisconsin-Superior for Great Lakes verification of ballast water compliance monitor.
  • Alexis Grinde received USDA Forest Service funding for breeding bird monitoring in the Superior and Chippewa National Forests and additional funding for early succession bird monitoring in the Chippewa National Forest.
  • Lucinda Johnson, along with Ryan Bergstrom from the National Science Foundation, received funding for Climate and Governance Variability in the Great Lakes
  • Tim Hagen received industry funding for technical assistance to develop energy enhanced barbeque pellets, fire logs and fire starters
  • Euan Reavie received funding from the University of Wisconsin-Superior for mini-studies of various tools to measure protists in ballast water.
  • Chan Lan Chun and others received funding from the U.S. Geological Survey for the State Water Resources Research Institute Program.
  • Brett Spigarelli and the Coleraine Team received industry funding for microstructure and chemical analysis of electrochemically.
  • Tim Hagen received industry funding to improve pelleting efficiency for client.
  • Don Fosnacht, George Hudak, Marsha Patelke and the Minerals Team received industry funding to identify Minnesota geologic materials for energy storage.
  • Lucinda Johnson and Molly Wick (U.S. Dept. of Commerce NOAA) received Margaret A. Davidson Graduate Fellowship funding from the National Estuarine Research Reserve to study the benefits and well-being of people following changes in the health of the St. Louis River ecosystem.
  • Larry Zanko received funding from the Minnesota Department of Transportation to research taconite as a lower cost alternative high friction surface material.
  • Alexis Grinde received funding from the National Audubon Society and Minnesota Audubon to implement conservation plans for avian species of concern.
  • Patrick Donahue received funding from the USDA Forest service for assessing laminated veneer lumber properties of four Eastern softwood species: balsam fir, white pine, red pine, and Norway spruce.
  • Chan Lan Chun was awarded a MnDRIVE Seed Grant for a postdoctoral scholar proposal entitled “Novel Biological Nitrogen Removal Technology Using Methane-Utilizing Microbes.”
  • Christopher Wright was awarded an Institute on the Environment Impact Goal grant for Forest Carbon Markets: Empowering Access for Economically Marginal Landowners.
  • Brian Barry and Bridget Ulrich were awarded a Research Infrastructure Investment award from the UM Office of the Vice President for Research for “Surface Characterization Instrumentation to Advance Interdisciplinary Research at the University of Minnesota Duluth.”
  • Eric Singsaas, Brian Barry and Tim Hagen were awarded MNBRIDGE funding from UM Office for Technology Commercialization for microporus coating made from melt-flow phenolic biopolymer.

In addition, the Coleraine Team has secured four services contracts and the Duluth Team has secured 11 services contracts.

The following people have been awarded Internal NRRI funding from the Funding Review Board:

  • Bridget Ulrich "Surface Matters: Bringing Material Surface Characterization Capabilities to Duluth"
  • Matt Aro "Antioxidant Treatments to Improve Weathering Resistance of Thermally Modified Timber (TMT) (Phase 1)"
  • Sara Post "Prepare Lake Sediment Report for Journal Submission"
  • Marsha Patelke "Return RGGS Drill Core to Virginia, MN"
  • Marsha Patelke "Inventory Sample Identification (phase 2)"
  • Euan Reavie "Workplan development for the Birch Lake region mining baseline study, Phase 1"
  • Katya Kovalenko "Habitat complexity in assessment and restoration of wetland ecosystem function"
  • Dean M. Peterson "Characterization of Minnesota’s Known TiO2 Resources: Detailed Geology Study with First Review of Environmental Setting"
  • Valerie Brady "Fens wetland bank restoration assessment Phase 2.0 – Characterization of mammals, insects and water chemistry at the Fens Wetland Bank"
  • Larry Zanko "NRRI Road Patch vs competitive product scouting evaluation"
  • George Hudak "PRO/NRRI Vanadium Hydromet Bench Scale Study"
  • Annie Bracey "Identifying sources of mercury from bird feathers collected in the St. Louis River"
  • Bridget Ulrich "Supplies for installation of mass spectrometer"
  • Valerie Brady "Extra support for external sale requesting invertebrate identification"
  • Donald Fosnacht "Flare Stack for Moving Bed and Boiler generator Transport"
  • Matt Young "Biomass Conversion Lab Dryer Purge Safety Project"
  • Michael Joyce "Pilot study on wildlife as dispersers of mycorrhizal fungi"
  • Donald Fosnacht "Enhancement of Iron Ore Pellet Chemistry to Allow more Efficient Natural Gas Based Direct Reduced Iron Production and Subsequent Conversion of the Metalized Product to Gangue Free Metallic Nodules and Pig Iron"
  • Bridget Ulrich "Supplies and consumables for initial environmental chemistry laboratory operations and purchase of laboratory balances to reduce bottlenecks due to COVID-19 occupancy limitations"