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Dan Buchman

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Professional title

Research Plot Coordinator


Dan Buchman is a research plot coordinator in the Forest and Lands Division. He is a forestry technician with a background in short rotation forestry, aspen management, tree growth and yield and forest inventory. His employment began with Blandin Paper Company in 1978 and since then he has worked for county land departments, private forest industry, the State of Minnesota and the University of Minnesota. Dan has been a member of the forestry research team at NRRI since 1988. The team Dan works with focuses on hybrid poplar research, aspen growth and yield, red pine silvicultural.


Forestry Technician, University of Minnesota, Grand Rapids Experiment Station, 1978


Refereed Publications Relevant to Proposed Project (past 4 years)
Nelson, N.D., Meilan, R., Berguson, W.E., McMahon, B.G., Cai, M., and Buchman D. 2019. Growth performance of hybrid poplar clones on two agricultural sites with and without early irrigation and fertilization. Silvae Genetica 68: 58 – 66.

Nelson, N.D., Berguson, W.E., McMahon, B.G., Meilan, R., Smart, L.B., Gouker, F.E., Bloese, P., Miller, R., Volk, T.A., Cai, M., and Buchman, D. 2019. Discovery of geographically robust hybrid poplar clones. Silvae Genetica 68: 101 – 110.

Poplar and shrub willow energy crops in the United States: field trial results from the multiyear regional feedstock partnership and yield potential maps based on the PRISM-ELM model.
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Non-Refereed Publications Relevant to Proposed Project (past 4 years)
Berguson, W. E., Buchman D. J., Rack J., Gallagher T.G., McMahon B. G. and Hedke D., 2016.

Laurentian Bioenergy Project - Final Report to DOE-Biomass Energy Technology Office. DOE Office of Science and Technical Information#: 1240282. 275pp.