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Geomicrobiology Lab

Two women in white lab coats by large computer screen and machine.


This laboratory specializes in research on the characterization of chemical and microbial contaminants in environmental ecosystems with a special focus on water quality and development of mitigation/management practices to improve water quality. We use an integrated chemical and microbiological approach to study microbial community structure and functions in aquatic ecosystem and engineered treatment systems.  

the Geomicrobiology laboratory has worked on the development of a metagenomic-based method to determine sources of microbial contaminants in freshwater and coastal watershed and investigation of bioremediation solutions for the mitigation of high sulfate concentration in iron mining discharge in Northern Minnesota watershed.  In addition, the lab is approved for Biosafety Level II research such as fecal and waterborne bacterial pathogens and antibiotic resistance in environmental samples.

Key Services and Equipment

  • Microplate UV/VIS spectrometer with controlled temperature and incubation
  • Conventional and real-time quantitative polymerase chain reaction thermocyclers
  • Tabletop environmental Scanning Electron Microscopy - Click HERE for cost and services
  • Qubit fluorometer for nucleic acid and protein
  • Other basic water quality instrumentation
  • Biosafety level II biocabinet