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Bernie McMahon

Professional title

Senior Research Scientist


Bernie McMahon is a Senior Researcher and specializes in tree improvement of native and introduced Populus spp. of interest leading to the development of improved hybrid poplar and eastern cottonwood clones for traditional or potential markets. Bernie is active with duties and tasks in support of NRRI's hybrid poplar program within the Forests & Lands Research group. His research revolves along long-term breeding and testing strategy focused on parent population improvement practices. Bernie's management responsibilities include evaluation and maintenance of nursery-based collections along with field-level trials and breeding archives for continued breeding efforts and research exchanges of plant materials with collaborators.


M.S., Forestry, University of Illinois-Urbana, 1984-1988
B.S., Forest Science, University of Illinois-Urbana, 1977-1981


Publications on ResearchGate


Short Rotation Woody Crops - Operations & Working Group (SRWC-OWG), USA based
Poplar and Willow Council of Canada (PWCC) membership
International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO) working groups and tours
International Populus Commission (IPC) newsletter and conference attendee


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