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Lucinda Johnson Ph.D.

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Professional title

Associate Director/Initiative Director for Water


Areas of interest include environmental assessment and bioindicators, impacts of climate change, decision making in the environmental sciences. Research projects include: effects of multiple stressors on aquatic communities; testing indicators of coastal ecosystem integrity; predicting impacts of climate change on stream communities; development of tools for managing and communicating science to end users.

Professional Service: International Joint Commission Science Advisory Board, EPA Board of Scientific Counselors Executive Committee, Board Member Friends of the Lake Superior National Estuarine Research Reserve; Science Advisor to Environmental Law Policy Center.

Graduate Faculty, Water Resources Science and Integrated Biological Science, 2000 - present

Instructor, University of Minnesota Duluth; Landscape Ecology, Stream Ecology


Ph.D., Zoology, Michigan State University, 1999
M.S., Environmental Science and Forestry, State University of New York, 1984
B.A., Duke University, 1976

Current Publications

  • Kovalenko, K.E., V.J. Brady, J.J.H. Ciborowski, G.E. Host, L.B. Johnson. 2019. Macroinvertebrate and fish community metrics: confounding effects and consistency over time. Wetlands. In press.

  • Jacobson, P.C., G.J.A. Hansen, L.G. Olmanson, K.E. Wehrly, C.L. Hein, L.B. Johnson. 2019. Loss of coldwater fish habitat in glaciated lakes in Midwestern United States after a century of land use and climate change. American Fisheries Society Symposium 90:141-157.

  • Johnson, L.B., M. Cai, C.L. Chun, A. Hanson, G. Hudak, I. Kolomitsyn, S. Rao, B. Bernhardt, T. Deen, J. Henneck. 2019. Responding to Minnesota’s regulatory sulfate standard for wild rice. Pages 199-205, In: Wolkersdorfer, C., E. Khayrulina, S. Polyakova, A. Bogush (eds). Mine Water: Technological and Ecological Challenges. Proceedings of the International Mine Water Association.

  • Host, GE, KE Kovalenko, TN Brown, JJH Ciborowski, LB Johnson. 2019. Risk-based classification and interactive map of watersheds contributing anthropogenic stress to Laurentian Great Lakes coastal ecosystems. Journal of Great Lakes Research

  • Uzarski, D.G., D.A. Wilcox, V.B. Brady, M.J. Cooper, D.A. Albert, J.J.H. Ciborowski, N.P. Danz, A Garwood, J.P. Gathman, T.M. Gehring, G.P. Grabas, R.W. Howe, L. B. Johnson, G.A. Lamberti, A.H. Moerke, G.J. Niemi, T. Redder, C.R. Reutz III, A.D. Steinman, D.C. Tozer, T. K. O’Donnell. 2019. Leveraging a landscape-level monitoring and assessment program for developing a resilient shoreline throughout the Laurentian Great Lakes.

  • Olker, J.H., K.E. Kovalenko, J.J.H. Ciborowski, V.J. Brady, and L.B. Johnson 2016. Watershed land use and local habitat: implications for habitat assessment. Wetlands 36:311 - 318
  • Creed, I.F., Cormier, R., Laurent, K.L., Accatino, F., Igras, J., Friedman, K.B., Johnson, L.B., Crossman, J., Dillon, P.J., Trick, C.G. 2016. Call for formal integration of science and management systems to achieve sustainability of the Great Lakes. Bioscience (in press)
  • Stueve K M, Hollenhorst T P, Kelly J R, Johnson, L B & Host, G E. 2014. High-resolution maps of forest-urban watersheds present an opportunity for ecologists and managers.Landscape Ecology 30:313-323.
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  • Kovalenko, K E, Brady, V J, Ciborowski, J J H Ilyushkin, S & Johnson, L B. 2014. Functional changes in littoral macroinvertebrate communities in response to watershed-level anthropogenic stress. PLoS ONE 9:e101499.
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