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Four puzzle pieces representing mission, vision, goals and strategy
Our research goes to work for you.


NRRI's mission is to deliver research solutions to balance our economy, resources and environment for resilient communities.


NRRI works to deliver solutions with both regional focus and global relevance. To do this, our researchers:

  1. Develop sustainable, natural resource-based industries,
  2. Inform environmental management and policy,
  3. Support business & entrepreneurial opportunities, and
  4. Assist industry and communities in defining and maintaining the social license.


NRRI promotes entrepreneurship, job creation, economic diversification and resource stewardship for resilient, vital communities:

  • Our people are recognized and sought out as premier applied researchers focused on economic development of natural resources balanced with environmental protection and restoration.
  • We actively engage stakeholders to anticipate and characterize challenges, define research directions, drive targeted discovery and deliver system-based solutions.
  • We promote balanced decisions considering the needs of today and those of future generations.
  • We pursue continuous improvement in all we do.
  • As a key member of the University of Minnesota system, we collaborate effectively with regional and global partners.

Core Values

  • Safety: We practice and maintain an attitude of continuous improvement in our approach to safety of our colleagues, coworkers, customers and stakeholders.
  • Respect: There is no tolerance for disrespect in the workplace or in any of our external relationships.
  • Ethics: We consistently practice the highest ethical behavior. We will actively engage in peer-reviewed science and clear communication. We will not confuse personal opinion with Institute communications.
  • Education & Communication: We support and participate in the teaching mission of the University. We will actively pursue outreach opportunities to educate and inform the public.
  • Innovation: We champion and drive multidisciplinary collaboration to identify challenges, prioritize actions and execute solutions. We will promote an approach of continuous improvement in all that we do.
  • Environmental Responsibility: We advocate a responsible life cycle and sustainability focus in all of our work; we drive broad and open consideration of potential environmental risks and development of mitigating steps.