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Welcome to NRRI

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NRRI is a unique, applied research organization that solves real-world problems.

Welcome to NRRI!

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Thanks for stopping by our website! As you’ll see, NRRI is a unique, multidisciplinary, applied research institute focused on Minnesota’s many natural resources. Associated with the University of Minnesota Duluth with research facilities in Duluth and Coleraine, NRRI is a leading research arm of the greater University of Minnesota community.

The Institute was created to be an economic development engine for the state. NRRI delivers solutions to allow responsible use of Minnesota’s resources, provides information and tools for sound environmental decisions and assists existing and entrepreneurial business and industry evolve and prosper. Ultimately, NRRI is here to collaborate broadly in creating resilient, vital Minnesota communities.

So what is applied research and how is it different than basic research? The University of Minnesota is a deep well of basic research that produces important new knowledge. NRRI participates in some basic research, but specializes in translating knowledge into full-scale demonstration of relevant solutions that benefit society. We maintain a regional focus, but strive to be globally relevant to ensure that the solutions we deliver are broadly beneficial.

Research is a nonlinear and complex process that requires broad collaboration, listening and learning. Research drives the innovation required to provide impactful new knowledge. Research is an investment in the future and in having options at hand as we face the challenges of today and anticipate the needs for tomorrow and future generations.

NRRI seeks and maintains deep relationships with industry, agencies, government, environmental groups, business and academics. With our broad list of skill sets working together “under one roof,” NRRI offers our collaborators a unique, comprehensive approach to addressing challenges in Minnesota and our region.

We encourage your input and questions. NRRI goes to work for you.

Rolf T. Weberg, NRRI Executive Director