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What goes on in that big concrete building?

Photo of large tan colored building with a red tower on the right side.
NRRI Mission: To deliver research solutions to balance our economy, resources and environment for resilient communities.

NRRI's role is as a non-partial, science-based resource that develops and translates knowledge to help define and maintain the social license by:

  • Fully characterizing and defining strategic resource opportunities.
  • Minimizing waste and environmental impact.
  • Maximizing value from natural resource utilization.
  • Maintaining/restoring ecosystem function.

NRRI is an applied research organization focused on:

  • developing sustainable, natural resource-based industries.
  • informing environmental management and policy.
  • supporting business and entrepreneurial opportunities.
  • assisting industry and communities in defining and maintaining the social license to operate.

NRRI's goal is to deliver economic and environmental solutions with both regional focus and global relevance.