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A male and female are kneeling next to wooden shelving in an industrial setting

Summer workers at NRRI get real

September 3, 2019

College students take their skills out of the classroom and apply them to NRRI's 'real world' experiences.
Man outdoors holds clear long tube half filled with mud; other hand is displayed open with mud on it

Lake mud holds clues to future

August 28, 2019

Diatom fossils in lake sediment can be used as early warning of environmental changes to come.
Bird with wings outstretched flying white stripes on underside of wings

Nighthawks fill Duluth skies

August 27, 2019

Last year, in one three-hour sit on a Duluth rooftop, Steve Kolbe counted 14,000 soaring nighthawks on their annual migration south.
A man with face guard, gloves and rain coat operates car wash wand on boat

Researchers work with business to decontaminate boats

August 1, 2019

Leading by example, researchers work with local business to power up boat decontamination of aquatic invasive species.
Tree leaves in foreground with trees in background

Fast-growing tree research expands across Midwest

July 31, 2019

Anticipating growth in markets for biomass resources, NRRI ramps up hybrid poplar research.
Arial view of a dozen buildings, water feature at far back of image.

Coleraine Lab prepares for the future

July 9, 2019

Train tracks running through NRRI’s Coleraine labs are a daily reminder of a busy 100-year history. But the past is long gone.
Man in white lab coat and blue gloves works at bench in laboratory

Collaborations bring global innovations to Minnesota

July 9, 2019

Even though Minnesota has ambitious renewable energy goals – and is well on its way to achieving them – there’s always more to learn.
Two hands holding brown granular material

Biochar: The hot material you don't know about

June 11, 2019

You know charcoal. (Summer picnic, anyone?) But do you know about the economic and environmental benefits of its close cousin, biochar?
Brown speckled bird chick with tiny device on neck in two hands

Getting to the point with woodcock research

June 11, 2019

The quiet, brown speckled woodcock is difficult for scientists to find in the forest for research. Enter the pointing dog.
Man and woman working with brown soils at a bench in a greenhouse.

Waste resources recycled into specialty soils

May 2, 2019

Soil is so much more than dirt. NRRI is seeking out local waste resources to produce soils for specific uses. 


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