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A man and a woman are holding white plastic parts with interlocking design

Prototype Lab helps student help children

March 9, 2018

Sometimes “off-the-shelf” just won’t do. NRRI’s Rapid Prototype Lab helped a UMD senior undergraduate student make very special toys for a... more
Machinery installed on a platform

NRRI turns up the heat on renewable energy

March 7, 2018

NRRI researches more biomass options for energy with new hydrothermal carbonization process at the Coleraine facility.
Man in a white lab coat sitting at counter filling a test tube

UMD student gets peek at future career

February 21, 2018

It's often hard for college students to figure out their majors. But NRRI helped this graduate student with the right connections.
Woman in blue lab coat holds round glass dish with brown material

Unprofitable lignin to become valuable plastic

February 5, 2018

NRRI collaborates to move innovative technologies to commercialization.
Two lynx with radio collars sit on a shelf in a cage

NRRI prepares state for changes to mammal populations

February 5, 2018

NRRI documents changes to the environment that are impacting Minnesota's mammal species to understand and prepare.
Top portion of Annual Report cover featuring a woman outdoors looking through a scope.

2017 Annual Report is available online

January 30, 2018

Research highlights, portfolio of projects, student workers experiences, staff accomplishments and more in our FY 2017 annual report.
Male and female researchers walk in a shallow stream holding long white pole

Keeping it cool for north shore trout

December 20, 2017

The need to better understand North Shore streams and which have the best chance of staying cool for trout elicited funding from the... more
Red and white commercial cargo carrier, the Federal Biscay

NRRI gets onboard to blast invasives on ships

December 20, 2017

Research to stem the transport of aquatic invasive species led NRRI researchers on globetrotting adventures in 2017.
Rippled rock formations along a beach

Iceland takes NRRI geologist back in time

December 20, 2017

Trip to Iceland takes NRRI geologist back in time to understand how Minnesota was formed.
Three men poke heads out of small train cars as it moves along track.

NRRI partners with railroad group to test biofuel in zoo train

November 28, 2017

Two steam locomotives at the Milwaukee County Zoo were fueled with NRRI’s renewable, solid fuel in November to reduce fossil coal emissions... more


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