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Lisa Estepp

Head and shoulder picture of a woman.

Professional title

Quality Manager, Senior Researcher


Lisa has spent thirty-three years as a project manager, proposal manager, technical supervisor and environmental scientist evaluating environmental resources, assessing environmental impacts, and verifying and optimizing remedial system performance associated with solid, hazardous and nuclear wastes. She now applies a variety of field techniques and associated laboratory procedures for the analyses of water quality and paleolimnological indicators for the assessment of current and historical environmental trends. Characterizes and evaluates phytoplankton throughout the Great Lakes to track shifts in the biological community related to natural and anthropogenic influences. Uses autecology of diatoms from the analyses of lake sediment cores in the reconstruction and tracking of local and global stressor effects and lake sensitivity to these stressors. Assists in determining and providing feedback whether ballast water treatment technologies are effective in eliminating potentially invasive protists in ships’ ballast water in accordance with state, federal and worldwide protocols. She is also currently developing NRRI's Quality Management Program.


  • M.S. Natural Resources, Ohio State University, 1982
  • B.S. Technical Agriculture, Eastern Kentucky University, 1980