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Carol Reschke

Head and shoulder picture of a woman.

Professional title

Research Program Manager


Carol Reschke’s specialty is plant community ecology. Her research interests include studies of vegetation of the St. Louis River estuary, Lake Superior rocky shoreline vegetation, plant communities in the Great Lakes region, alvar vegetation and hydrology, vegetation management, and restoration of native plant communities. Her recent research projects include:

  1. comparing aquatic and wetland vegetation in restoration sites to vegetation in reference sites in the St. Louis River estuary,
  2. assessing the microbial communities of wild rice and competing emergent plants that often displace wild rice,
  3. evaluating aquatic invasive plants at St. Louis County public water access sites, and
  4. refining vegetation metrics to evaluate aquatic vegetation for monitoring and restoration in the St. Louis River estuary.

Carol has thirty-five years of experience working as a plant community ecologist. Before starting work at NRRI in 2004, Carol worked for the Minnesota Biological Survey, The Nature Conservancy, and the New York Natural Heritage Program conducting vegetation surveys, mapping vegetation, describing and classifying ecological communities, documenting rare plants, and identifying significant natural areas for conservation in Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, New York state, and the Great Lakes region.

M.S. Botany/Plant ecology, University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1985
B.S. Art, University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1978.