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Subhash Basak, PhD, Senior Research Associate

Subhash Basak

Position and Focus

Dr. Basak's research interests include computational toxicology and molecular modeling. Research projects include: Integration of Biodescriptors and Chemodescriptors for Predictive Toxicology: A Mathematical/Computational Approach; Design of Novel and Environmentally Benign Photoactive Chemicals; Prediction of Health and Environmental Hazard of Chemicals: A Hierarchical Approach using QMSA and QSAR.


PhD, Biochemistry, University of Calcutta, 1980
MS, Biochemistry, University of Calcutta, 1968
BA, University of Calcutta, 1966

Current Publications

  • 1: Basak, S C, Restrepo, G Villaveces, J & Eds.. 2014. Advances in Mathematical Chemistry and Applications, Vol. 1. edition. Bentham Science Publishers Ltd.
  • 5: Basak, S C Natarajan, R & Sinha, D K. 2014. Graph theoretical invariants of chemical and biological systems: development and applications. In: Sarkar, S; Basu, U & De, Soumen editor[s]. Emerging Trends in Applied Mathematics: International Conference :Springer
  • 1: Dehmer, M & Basak, S C. 2012. Statistical and Machine Learning Approaches for Network Analysis. edition. HobokenWiley
  • 7: Basak, S C Zhu, Q & Mills, D. 2011. Quantitative structure-activity relationships for anticancer activity of 2-phenylindoles using mathematical molecular descriptors. Current Computer-Aided Drug Design 7:98--108.
  • 7: Natarajan, R & Basak, S C. 2011. Numerical descriptors for the characterization of chiral compounds and their applications in modeling biological and toxicological activities. Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry 771--787.
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