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Pat Schoff, Ph.D., Research Associate

Position and Focus

Current research is focusing on ecological toxicology with a specific focus on the prairie pothole region of the Midwest identifying amphibian indicators of ecosystem health.


Postdoctoral Institute for Enzyme Research, University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1982-86
Ph.D., Zoology and Physiology, University of Wyoming, 1982
B.S. Biology, University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point, 1976

Current Publications

  • 7: Fitzpatrick, Patricia Fonseca, Alberto & McAllister, Mary Louise. 2011. From the Whitehorse Mining Initiative Towards Sustainable Mining: lessons learned. Journal of Cleaner Production 19:376--384.
  • 7: Rohr, J R, Schotthoefer, A M, Raffel, T R, Carrick, H J, Halstead, N, Hoverman, J T, Johnson, C M, Johnson, L B, Lieske, C, Piwoni, M D Schoff, P K & Beasley, V R. 2008. Agrochemicals increase trematode infections in a declining amphibian species. Nature 455:1235--1239.
  • 7: Brooks, R P, Patil, G P, Fei, S, Gitelman, A I Myers, W L & Reavie, E D. 2007. The next generation of ecological indicators of wetland condition. Ecohealth 4:176--178.
  • 7: Schoff, P K & Ankley, G T. 2004. Effects of methoprene, its metabolites, and breakdown products on retinoid-activated pathways in transfected cell lines. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 23:1305--1310.
  • 7: Schoff, P K, Johnson, C M, Schotthoefer, A M, Murphy, J E, Lieske, C, Cole, R A Johnson, L B & Beasley, V R. 2003. Prevalence of skeletal and eye malformations in frogs from north-central United States: estimations based on collections from randomly selected sites. Journal of Wildlife Diseases 39:510--521.
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