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Pavel Krasutsky

Pavel Krasutsky, Ph.D., Program Director

Position and Focus

Pavel Krasutsky is director of the Chemical Extractives Program, a division of the Center for Applied Research and Technology Development. He is an engineer in chemistry, and has a Ph.D. and doctor of science in organic chemistry. Pavel has over 30 years of experience in organic chemistry research, which includes the following directions of organic chemistry: mechanisms of organic reactions, organic chemistry of cage structures, synthesis of biologically active compounds, synthesis and technology of insecticides, chemistry of natural products and chemistry of chemical extractives. He has authored 150 papers for publication in national and international chemistry journals and has written 20 patents.


Diploma No. 4307, Ukrainian National Award in Science and Technology for Achievements in Fundamental and Applied Works, "Cage Structures in Organic Chemistry," 1997
Doctor of Science in Organic Chemistry, Institute of Organic Chemistry, Ukraine, 1985
Ph.D. Chemistry, Kiev Polytechnic Institute, Ukraine, 1974
MS Chemistry Engineering, Kiev Polytechnic Institute, Ukraine, 1969