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Larry Zanko

Larry Zanko, Sr. Research Fellow

Position and Focus

Larry Zanko is a Senior Research Fellow for the Economic Geology Program within the Minerals Division of the Center for Applied Research and Technology Development. He is a geological mining engineer and has been with NRRI since 1988. He has worked on a variety of research projects related to industrial, ferrous and nonferrous minerals. Areas of particular focus have included aggregates, biogeochemistry, geological data compilation, geostatistics, geological resource/mine modeling, environmental remediation, kaolin and ball clay evaluations, mining economics/tax comparisons and mineral waste characterization/utilization projects.


M.S. Geological Engineering, University of Minnesota Minneapolis, 1995
B.S. Geological Engineering, University of Minnesota Minneapolis, 1986
B.S. Microbiology, University of Minnesota St. Paul, 1986

Project list for Lawrence Zanko :

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Evaluate and Develop Innovative Pavement Repair and Patch
The project represents one part of a broader effort by MnDOT to evaluate current practices, materials, and policies for pavement patching and repair, for both asphalt and concrete pavements, including evaluation of pothole patching practices, basic pavement maintenance, utility repair methods, and rapid repair materials. The Natural Resources Research Institute (NRRI) is focusing on two alternative approaches (both taconite-related). The first approach is a prototype pavement/pothole repair compound formulation developed by NRRI that is fast-setting, taconite-based, and contains no petroleum or portland cement. The second approach involves the use of a vehicle-based microwave heating system for in-place pothole/pavement repair/recycling, a system for which taconite materials can enhance microwave heating efficiency.

Utility of Taconite Materials as Road Patch for Highway Construction
To confirm the utility of using inorganically bound taconite aggregate and concentrate as highway road patching and construction materials.