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George Host, Ph.D., Senior Research Associate

George Host

Position and Focus

Dr. Host's current research interests include landscape/forest ecology, biostatistics and modeling.

His current project websites include:


Ph.D., Forest Ecology, Michigan State University, East Lansing. 1987
M.S., Botany, Kent State University, Kent, Ohio. 1982
B.S., Botany, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. 1977

Current Publications

  • Kovalenko, K E, Brady, V J, Brown, T N, Ciborowski, J J H, Danz, N P, Gathman, J P, Host, G E, Howe, R W, Johnson, L B Niemi, G J & Reavie, E D. 2014. Congruence of community thresholds in response to anthropogenic stress in Great Lakes coastal wetlands. Freshwater Science 33(September):958--971.
  • Loss, S R, Hueffmeier, R M, Hale, C M, Host, G E Sjerven, G & Frelich, L E. 2013. Earthworm invasions in northern hardwood forests: a rapid assessment method. Natural Areas Journal 33(January):21--30.
  • Host, G E, Brown, T N, Hollenhorst, T P Johnson, L B & Ciborowski, J J H. 2011. High-resolution assessment and visualization of environmental stressors in the Lake Superior basin. Aquatic Ecosystem Health and Management 14(October):376--385.
  • Niemi, G J, Reavie, E D, Peterson, G S, Kelly, J R, Johnston, C A, Johnson, L B, Howe, R W, Host, G E, Hollenhorst, T P, Danz, N P, Ciborowski, J J H, Brown, T N Brady, V J & Axler, R P. 2011. An integrated approach to assessing multiple stressors for coastal Lake Superior. Aquatic Ecosystem Health and Management 14:356--375.
  • Ruzycki, E M, Axler, R P, Henneck, J Will, N R & Host, G E. 2011. Estimating mercury concentrations and loads from four western Lake Superior watersheds using continuous in-stream turbidity monitoring. Aquatic Ecosystem Health and Management 14:422--432.
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    • Itasca Forest Legacy Project
      Spatial Analysis for the Identification of Conservation Easement Site

    Project list for George Host :

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    2014 Minnesota Sea Grant Omnibus Proposal: Integrative Social and Hydrologic..
    3002 10424 000406729593

    St. Louis River AOC R2R Support Project - Ecological Monitoring and Assessment
    Establish baseline conditions for restoration locations in the St. Louis River estuary using aquatic macroinvertebrates, aquatic vegetation, and birds. We are also examining the potential for mercury in the estuary sediments to raise concerns for wetland restoration, and how examining estuary circulation patterns may affect restoration sites.

    A Comprehensive Stressor-Response Model to Inform Ecosystem Restorations Across the Great Lakes Basin
    Two maps depicting anthropogenic stresses across the Great Lakes Basin will be merged into a composite map that spans the entire basin.

    Great Lakes Coastal Wetland Monitoring
    To assess the biotic condition of all the major coastal wetlands of the Great Lakes, United States and Canadian shorelines.

    NOAA Land Use Intensity

    LiDAR-based Bluff Assessment for Coastal land Use Planning
    To conduct a digital terrain analysis of this newly-acquired LiDAR across Lake Superior`s North Shore to identify critical or at-risk areas.

    Open project in a new windowLake Superior Beach Monitoring and Advisory Program
    Assist the Environmental Protection Agency funded, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency directed Lake Superior Beach Monitoring and Advisory program.

    Open project in a new windowEnhancing Public Understanding of the St. Louis River Area of Concern