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Euan Reavie, Ph.D., Assistant CWE Director and Senior Research Associate

Euan Reavie

Position and Focus

Dr. Reavie is the Assistant Director for NRRI’s Center for Water and the Environment. Euan and his research team pursue research in applied aquatic studies on freshwater ecosystems, evaluating water quality issues. Routine work focuses on the use of algae as indicators of environmental changes. Their laboratory is fully equipped for research on biological and chemical indicators of water quality, and paleolimnology, the study of environmental trends through the analysis of sediment profiles. Techniques include high-resolution microscopy, digital imaging, laboratory processing and field sampling.

Recent studies include:


Postdoctoral, Geology, University of Toronto, 1998 - 2000
Ph.D., Biology, Queen's University, 1994 – 1997
M.S., Biology, Queen's University, 1992 – 1994
B.S., Biology, Queen's University, 1988 – 1992

Current Publications

  • 7: Brooks, B W, Lazorchak, J M, Howard, M D A, Johnson, M-V V, Morton, S L, Perkins, D A K, Reavie, E D, Scott, G I, Smith, S A Steevens, J A. 2016. Are harmful algal blooms becoming the greatest inland water quality threat to public health and aquatic ecosystems?. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 35:6--13.
  • 7: Beall, B F N, R, Twiss M, Smith, D, Oyserman, B, Rozmarynowycz, M, Binding, C, Bourbonniere, R A, Bullerjahn, G S, Palmer, M, D, Reavie E, Waters, M K Woityra, W C & L, McKay R M. 2015. Ice cover extent drives microbial community structure in a large north-temperate lake: Implications for a warming climate. Environmental Microbiology In press.
  • 7: Estepp, Lisa R & Reavie, Euan D. 2015. The ecological history of Lake Ontario according to phytoplankton. Journal of Great Lakes Research 41:669--687.
  • 1: Reavie, Euan D & Kireta, Amy R. 2015. Centric, Araphid and Eunotioid Diatoms of the Coastal Laurentian Great Lakes. Biblioteca Diatomologica Vol. 62. edition. StuttgartJ Cramer
  • 7: Kovalenko, K E, Brady, V J, Brown, T N, Ciborowski, J J H, Danz, N P, Gathman, J P, Host, G E, Howe, R W, Johnson, L B Niemi, G J & Reavie, E D. 2014. Congruence of community thresholds in response to anthropogenic stress in Great Lakes coastal wetlands. Freshwater Science 33:958--971.
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