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Recent products created in NRRI's Development Lab

Air Sampling Station

Chemical Extractives Instument

Copper Tubes


Development Lab

Established in 1985, the NRRI Development Lab provides design and fabrication capabilities for researchers throughout the institute, UMD, as well as for individuals in the private sector.

In recent years, the NRRI Development Lab has become more focused on the needs of applied and academic research.  The lab technicians can assist with equipment design and provide complete fabrication of laboratory and field equipment related to specific projects.

Recent Projects

(as pictured on right)

The Air Sampler and Weather Station (top) is the most recent project in NRRI's Development Lab. This particular station is currently located on NRRI's rooftop as a prototype for an air quality project that the Mineral & Particle Characterization group is conducting. The Development Lab also produced several copies of this prototype to be used in various locations around the Iron Range.

Pin connector for electrode (middle) is a device that was designed for research in NRRI’s Chemical Extractives Laboratory. It will be used to measure electric potential on an electro-chemical cell for CO2 sequestration research.

The copper tubing (bottom) on the Chemical Extractives ethanol condenser was custom made in the Development Lab to allow higher volumes of solvent vapors to be condensed, collected, and recycled for continued use. The device consists of a bank of four joined, jacketed copper tubes (small diameter copper tube in large diameter copper tube) that allow vapor to flow through water cooled surfaces.