Canada Lynx in the Great Lakes Region

Minnesota historically supported the largest lynx population in the Great Lakes region.

We are studying distribution, abundance, persistence, and habitat use of Canada lynx in northeastern Minnesota. Since 2003 we have placed radiocollars on 33 lynx, obtained over 15,000 lynx locations, located dens, and documented movements and habitat use.

Canada Lynx in the Snow

The lynx project is in transition from biological research to using research results for management. Annual reports, publications, and theses will be added periodically.

Canada Lynx cauight on Camera

Sights and sounds of Lynx. We've been lucky enough to catch some lynx on tape. Watch the videos or Listen to the recordings.

Canada Lynx movements

Read about how Canada lynx make long-stance movements from Minnesota to Ontario here (946 KB pdf)

Canada Lynx in the Snow

A LCCMR proposal was recently recommended for funding to work on lynx issues with agencies and stakeholder groups. If approved, this project would begin in 2011. See the LCCMR recommendations here.


Click here to find out how to report a lynx sighting.

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