Canada Lynx in the Great Lakes Region

Lynx Audio Files.

Lynx Screaming.
Call it what you will – a scream or a yowl or __________ (fill in the blank).  Those who have been lucky enough to hear this sound in the wild have described it as spine-tingling and nerve-wracking.  The lynx were walking while they made these calls at the Wildlife Science Center in Forest Lake, Minnesota.  We tested out the GPS collars on these captive lynx and validated the activity counter with video surveillance techniques in 2003.  Purdue Ph.D. student Kerry Fanson was in the right place and the right time and picked up these sounds which we converted to mp3 files. 

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Lynx Attention Call
We’re not sure about this one, but it almost seems to be calling for attention.  This is another recording from the lynx at the Wildlife Science Center.  Recording quality is higher, and we made the output CD quality. 

File sizes range from 1 to 2 MB and may take several minutes to load.

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Lynx Growling.
Another sound that lynx will make is a low growl.  This is a threat sound that is typically made when the animals is crouched down in a defensive position.  We have only heard lynx growl when they are in the box trap prior to being injected.  The typical response is to hunch down, raise the hairs on their back, lay back their ears.  Not all animals will growl like this. 
Audio Coming Soon

Lynx Mom calling 8 month old kittens.
We have one brief sound clip of a lynx Mom calling her 8 month old kittens to her.  When the sound is converted to mp3 format we will put it here. 

Audio Coming Soon

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