Canada Lynx in the Great Lakes Region

L3 was captured near Ely, Minnesota on 8/28/03. L3 was a 19.5 pound possible adult (age of sexual maturity is 21 months and this female had evidence of lactation, although no kittens were observed). L3 displayed a similar movement pattern to L1. After 2 weeks, L3 began moving in a westward directon about 26 km to the Pike River. After 4 locations and 9 days in the Pike River Area, L3 began moving in a northwesterly direction.

The last known location of L3 was 62 km to the northwest near Pelican Lake. Her collar was recovered alongside a road, but her body was not found. It is suspected that people may have played a role in her death, marks on the collar indicated that humans had removed it from her carcass.

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No pictures of L3 are currently available.
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