Canada Lynx in the Great Lakes Region

Lynx #20 (formerly Kitten #5) weighed almost 16 pounds when she was captured north of Brimson, MN on April 3, 2005. The family group has traveled together this winter (see Kitten #3). K05 was fitted with a kitten-sized VHF collar and released. Animals designated with a K-name were first handled as kittens at den sites, and the small ear tag you can see in the middle right picture was inserted at that time.

L20’s skeleton and radiocollar was recovered in August, 2005.  We believe that she died sometime in July, 2005 based on decomposition status.  The summer pictures are of the decomposed body and a picture looking into the thick balsam fir clump in which her remains were found.  At this time cause of death is considered to be unknown. 


  mortality site  skeleton
Study animals are anaesthetized in many of the images on this site. They regain consciousness and leave the capture site shortly after processing is finished.

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