Canada Lynx in the Great Lakes Region

Lynx #17(formerly Kitten #2) weighed about 15 pounds when she was captured south of Sullivan Lake on March 8, 2005. K02 was not captured with her mother (L07), but has been located with either her mother or her sister (K01) several times since fitted with a kitten-sized VHF collar and released. K02 was probably in the family group featured in the Public Pictures section.

In December 2005, L17 was recaptured and her kitten collar was replaced with a Televilt GPS collar.  Her movements over the next few months will be particularly interesting, because it is possible that she could have kittens this year.  This would be particularly important because it would show that a lynx kitten born in Minnesota remained and survived long enough to have kittens herself. 



Study animals are anaesthetized in many of the images on this site. They regain consciousness and leave the capture site shortly after processing is finished.

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