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On-Line Maps for the Lake Superior Basin

The maps listed below are available for viewing as static maps. Some of the data and metadata is available. If a hyperlink is not active, the data or metadata is not available. But please check back, information is updated daily. 

The two maps listed below are only available through ESRI Internet Map Server (IMS). Static images of these two maps are being created.  Some of the maps listed in the table can be viewed with IMS in order to zoom into a particular area or query the data. 

ESRI Internet Map Server Maps

This map displays the Ecological Classification Systems for the Lake Superior Basin.

This map shows the basic infrastructure within the Lake Superior Basin. Some of the data displayed includes: roads, railroads, wetlands, rivers, transmission lines, and powerlines.

This map displays the Quaternary Geology for the Lake Superior Basin. 

Static Image Maps
*IMS Option

Climate Climate maps showing Annual Temperature, Annual Precipitation, and many others. 
Census Population, Housing, and Developed Land for the Lake Superior Basin.
City Lights This includes lights from cities, towns, industrial sites, and sources of ephemeral radiation such as fires.
Land Use/Cover* Land Use/Cover for the Lake Superior Basin Watershed, this image includes Bathymetry for Lake Superior.
Important Habitat Sites and Areas* Important Habitat Sites and Areas in the Lake Superior Basin created for the Lake Superior Binational Program.
Dominant Soil Drainage Dominant Soil Drainage types for The Lake Superior Basin.
Forest Types* This map displays a Forest Classification from the US Forest Service for the United States portion of the basin.
Pre-Settlement Vegetation* This map displays the Pre-Settlement Vegetation for the United States portion of the basin.
Landsat MSS Mosaic This Landsat satellite image of the Lake Superior Basin shows some of the variation in vegetation cover, land use and land forms across the Basin.
Lake Superior Bathymetry Depth profiles of Lake Superior.
NDVI Normalized Difference Vegetation Index
Digital Elevation Model Elevation for the Lake Superior Basin.




The Lake Superior Decision Support project is coordinated through the Center for Water and the Environment at the Natural Resources Research Institute. The project is funded by the USEPA Region 5 Coastal Environmental Management Grant Program through the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.  For comments on this project or this home page, contact George Host.  Last updated: Friday, September 8, 2006
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