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house cubed format being erected house cubed format being erected

House3 (house cubed) attracted the attention of many people at the recent Minneapolis Home and Garden Show.

The Natural Resources Research Institute (NRRI) of the University of Minnesota Duluth has invented a prefab that functions as a sealed shipping container and expands into a wood-frame two (or more) bedroom house.

This housing system is ready-to-assemble for use in temporary or permanent applications. The system also incorporates renewable wood resources.

This simple, innovative, rapid-response housing structure can be assembled quickly and cost effectively in hours--not days!

Innovation and commitment creates opportunity beyond the typical logistical parameters of manufactured housing.


For more information, email Patrick Donahue


This space was sponsored by Clif Bar, the nation's leading maker of all-natural and organic energy and nutrition foods. While not endorsing Clif Bar's products, NRRI is appreciative of the opportunity to demonstrate their prototype thanks to the generosity of this company.




house cubed format being erected


NRRI's prototype was readily assembled for the public during the Home and Garden Show in Minneapolis.