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UMD CED staff

New NRRI website on the way!

We’ve been very busy building a whole new website which should be live this summer. It will reflect many exciting changes at NRRI since Executive Director Rolf Weberg took the helm in 2013. Watch for a new mission statement, reorganization of research activities, new personnel and expertise and a clear vision for the future.

In the meantime, if you’re not finding what you need on this old website, please contact Public Relations Manager June Breneman, or 218-788-2600.

Thank you for your patience.

University of Minnesota Duluth, Center for Economic Development staff photo

Focused on the ‘little guy’

During the economic woes of the 1980s when NRRI was established, major northern Minnesota industries — taconite mining and wood products — were a primary focus for research attention. But it was also apparent that entrepreneurs and small businesses needed assistance of a very different kind.

view of Duluth Minnesota harbor

Resilient communities: Q&A with Rolf Weberg

Weberg has tremendous enthusiasm for NRRI’s unique mission of sustainable natural resource management and economic development for resilient communities. And that enthusiasm is reaching out across the University of Minnesota, the state, even the globe.

ballast water coming out of a ship in Lake Superior

On the front line of the invasion

Duluth-Superior Harbor, at the most pristine end of the Great Lakes, is the freshwater port most heavily invaded with non-native species. It’s easy to understand why. Duluth- Superior is often the last stop on international routes and ballast water from all over the globe gets emptied there so ships can reload.

NRRI receives $2.3 M grant to monitor coastal wetlands

buring biomass pellets NRRI received $2.3 million in funding from Central Michigan University to continue the coastal wetland monitoring on the Great Lakes.