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U of M Twin Cities leaders tour NRRI’s minerals lab in Coleraine

U of M Twin Cities leaders tour NRRI’s minerals lab in Coleraine.

NRRI moves University forward in applied, multi-disciplinary research

Brian Herman is a believer in serendipity — the phenomenon of unintentionally making desirable discoveries — and that cross-disciplinary, collaborative research encourages those serendipitous connections. As Vice President for Research for the entire University of Minnesota system, Herman is working to integrate that philosophy through a web of 19 collegiate units and five campuses.

But at NRRI, he found that cross-disciplinary collaborations are the norm. And with a 30-year track record, the institute has been able to prove that he’s right. Serendipity — combined with diligence and open minds — works.

"I’m very excited to see the philosophy I’ve embraced as a cornerstone of our strategic plan is already resulting in real world successes," Herman told NRRI staff in August.

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NRRI Sustainability Coordinator Ryan Hueffmeier

NRRI generates possibilities in sustainability

It’s time to do more than walk the talk. It’s time to tango! NRRI is taking its overarching mission of sustainability and integrating it into every nook and cranny of the institute.

Victor Krause and Rolf Weberg

From the director

As I write this, it’s been 35 days since my return to Duluth and my arrival at NRRI, and while the days have been long and busy, I have been heartened by the welcome, commitment and assistance offered to me by the NRRI staff, UMD colleagues and the Duluth business leadership.

Teen entrepreneur, Laura Lucy

Tricks of the trade

As the owner and sole proprietor of Life’s Little Joys Photography, Laura Lucy has a busy year ahead of her: she’s looking into office space for the business, taking on some employees and — wait for it — finishing her sophomore year of high school.


"The fall colors seem more striking this year than in past. Is it just my imagination? How long will it last?"

NRRI Landscape Scientist
George Host answers:

NRRI scientist George Host

The fall colors around Duluth and across the Northland this year have been spectacular. The last two weeks have seen the peak of the oranges and yellows of the sugar and red maples in a wide band from Grand Rapids to well up the North Shore. The recent combination of warm days and cool nights, along with shorter days, has been perfect for bringing on a dazzling display of color. At this time of year, the green chlorophyll in leaves breaks down, revealing the bright red and yellow pigments that give the maples, oaks, and aspen their characteristic color. Read the rest of George’s answer.

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